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Whistle for the Wind



The Ocean's Daughter

Where Carter's Adventures Began
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My name is Madison Wade; I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.  I recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in English Education.  I have loved to read and write my whole life, building a library in my bedroom.  Some of my favorite books are The Selection by Kiera Cass and Divergent by Veronica Roth.


I started writing in 2nd grade and I haven't stopped since.  My happy places are the beach and, of course, Disney World!  But neither are in Nashville, so you will often find me writing at home or at the Nashville Zoo. When I am not writing, you may find me reading, painting, or watching Seinfeld!  

My NovelS

Fifteen-year-old Carter Ellen Key has lived her entire life on the waves, traveling across oceans on the merchant ship known as the Adventurer, a ship that she calls home. Orphaned at age seven, she held tight to the memories of her father and stories of her mother, turning to them for advice even after their deaths. The Adventurer's crew became Carter's family, and Captain Rosten made it his personal duty to keep her safe. This protection kept Carter from ever exploring the land, or even sinking her feet into the sand that surrounded the ports. The discoveries and mysteries that awaited her there remained in her daydreams. As her position aboard the Adventurer climbed and her relationships with the crew began to strengthen, her dream of discovering life on the land came within her grasp.


But this dream comes at a great cost. It may even cost Carter her life, or worse, the lives of the ones she loves. The fantasies in her books were just that, fantasies. The real world beyond her small merchant ship is crueler than anything she could imagine. Carter will need to adapt and learn to provide for her own safety. She must decide if she will trust in her father's words-that is, if dying for a dream is the most courageous act of all.

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Whistle for the Wind is the sequel to Madison Wade's debut novel, The Ocean's Daughter. It follows the fifteen-year-old Carter Ellen Key, who had just escaped a band of pirates who had bought her as a slave. After managing to return home to The Adventurer with a few of her newfound friends, Carter finds herself still being haunted by the pirates who tortured her only a few short days ago. But to admit to this would be a weakness, so she keeps her mouth shut. This is not the only problem that keeps Carter's mind occupied. It doesn't take much time for her to realize that her heart is split between two loves -- her long-time friend and first love, Jonathan Powell, and Aaron Getty, the man who helped her escape the pirates that killed her father. Now, their lives have all become intertwined, and Carter is doing everything in her power to keep one from learning about her relationship with the other, all while trying to sort out her feelings.


Running out of ideas, Carter reverts to her father's journal. While reading it, she learns more about her mother and her mother's lost diary. Believing the diary to be the solution to her problems, she begins searching the ship, finding it in an unlikely place. Unfortunately, the diary does not contain the answers she prayed for. Instead, it only reveals that the true struggle lies ahead. And Carter doesn't have very long to prepare for it.


Whistle for the Wind is a face-paced young adult adventure, with a main character that readers cannot help but root for. Watch as Carter not only continues through her journey but also grows into a strong, confident woman who learns to conquer her fears and her foes by trusting in herself and learning to lean on others around her.

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