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Blocking Writer's Block

This is a tough one. I struggle with writer's blocks quite often, especially if I am writing a novel. So often I can find myself staring at a screen and, hours later, maybe one sentence has been written. Not only does it feel like you have no ideas and all your creative energy is gone, but also, you feel absolutely defeated. So, here are some ways that I have combated against writer's block. But just know that I too have suffered writer's block and have been defeated.

(1) READ! Reading a book has always helped my writer's block. I put away my own work and read another author's work that inspires me. It pulls me out of one state of mind and allows me to use a creative part of my mind. It gets those juices flowing again. And sometimes you need to read more than one book to come back to your own. But once you come back, pick up where you left off and be inspired by the authors that you love!

(2) EDIT! Sometimes it helps me to go back and edit the parts of my book that I have already written. This way, I can still feel like I am making progress on my book by perfecting what I already have. I get to revisit the past of my characters and remember where they came from, and that inspires me. Also, I do not like to edit my work. I find it hard and exhausting. It makes me wish I was writing instead of fixing - trust me, there's a difference. Once I can't edit anymore, I normally am able to return to writing.

(3) WRITE SOMETHING NEW! Sometimes, I don't feel inspired by my own work. It's okay to get bored with your story. You will find a way to fix it eventually. It helps me to step away from my work and write something else. Maybe a different idea I have been toying with, maybe work on a new character, maybe write a blog post ;) You never know if those ideas in your head could be a book of their own, just no the specific work your writing at the time. I have thousands of starts in binders that are waiting to be finished because I started them during writer's block.

Most importantly, never stop writing or reading entirely. If you stop, it is so much harder to start again. You will find the time you used to spend reading or writing filled with other things. You can block out writer's block. Just remember that you are stronger than boredom or lack of inspiration. You are a writer!

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