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A Bit About Madison Wade (That's Me)

So, you've (hopefully) picked up my book and maybe you want to know a little bit more about me than just the back of the book blurb.

I just finished my degree in English Education in December, so I got out before the COVID-19 virus switched schools to online. But I don't really want to be an English teacher. So I am going back to school in May to start my Master's in Library Science, which will exciting. I am a writer and a reader and being around books has been a love of mine since birth, so it seems only fitting that this author be a librarian too.

I am also a gymnastics coach, but I'm not a gymnast. I was a competitive cheerleader for four years, so I can do a few flips and tricks. Since become a gymnastics coach, I have learned a few gymnastics basics as well (I am most proud of my cartwheel on the beam). The gym I work at is filled with fantastic, talented people and I love being a part of that family! The only thing is, because I work at a gym, I constantly use my job as an excuse to not work out, which, I guess that can be seen as a good thing. But it's completely untrue. I need to work out.

And of course there is author Madison. She has been in existence since second grade, when I wrote my first short story. It was titled "The Mystery Girl" and I have the original copy on little sheets of notebook paper to this day. I also loved to write spin-off books for one of my favorite book series growing up - The Warriors by Erin Hunter. Once in middle school, I started writing longer works and high school was when The Ocean's Daughter was born.

Through these blog posts, I hope to share a bit about my life, but also share a ton about the process of writing and publishing a book as a teen and young adult. To be honest, I am still figuring all this out. Thank you for all of your support and I am excited to share my journey with you!

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